My Story

Who is DaveyKnits?

I am a  40-something queer knitter living in the “Queen City” – Charlotte, NC.  Computer geek by day, drag queen extraordinaire by night.   A Charlotte native, I have seen so many changes in this beautiful city and I look forward to what is in store.  #EastSidePride

I created this site to collect my musings that happen while I am out experiencing what this crazy thing we call life has to offer.

How long have you been knitting?

Knitting started out for me as a way to quit smoking and handle my depression.  You can usually find me in a local coffee shop knitting or designing new patterns.  I have been knitting for nearly 20 years now and have loved every minute of it.   I also like to crochet, quilt and sew.

I love good food and wine, so there is nothing better than cooking a good Sunday supper and enjoying some quality time with my needles.

What is your documentary all about?

While viewing the documentary about Lennie Gerber and Pearl Berlin – Living In The Overlap,  I met the wonderful Mary M. Dalton, a women’s studies and film professor from Wake Forest University.  We instantly hit it off and a couple of weeks later we had lunch.  As I started to tell her more about myself and my story, she asked if she could make a small short film about me.  Taken after the namesake of my blog, Tales of a Queer Knitter Living in the Queen City, QKTIC tells the story of how I became a knitter, my coming out story and how I ended up creating Lana Cane “The Girl You Are Itching to See”.  Lana is is an homage to my mother, a nurse for over 40 years.  Think of her as one of those northern ladies who moved to South Florida and somewhat retired.

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