2018 Recap, Welcome to 2019

Ladies and gents “and those who have yet to make up their minds” (Who can name that quote?), here is the post that I have been putting off for a long time. The past two years of my medical “mystery” journey have been rough as hell. After 11 trips to the ER (9 by ambulance) due to my body shutting down to the point where I lost all motor function, the hospital decided to admit me for an in-patient workup.

After a week in the hospital, we discovered I had developed a B-12 deficiency and – wait for it… a brain tumor! This little bastard can be seen on scans as far back as 2015, yet no one reported it to me. #AtriumFAILED

The suspicion also still lies on whether or not I have Lyme Disease. Chronic Lyme is hard to diagnose and often takes years – but I will continue the journey until we can entirely rule this out.

I have started seeing a functional medicine doctor, who I admit I was skeptical of seeing at first. Still, in just about a month, I am back to having energy and on the right track to get back into somewhat everyday “normal” life. For those of you who followed the old website, you will see that I let it lapse because of the focus I had to put on getting my health back in order. So it’s back to getting into the things I love: knitting, reading, writing, and of course, entertaining!

Speaking of entertaining, I had to put Lana away for a while. She isn’t gone forever, for those who know me know that Lana is always around. 😘 She is just packed away until I can get the strength back to bring her “out of the closet” a little more. 2017-2018 were filled with many beautiful and not-so-beautiful memories that I can recall. So let’s talk about the wonderful ones, shall we?

First, I met a fantastic guy who I did fall deeply for. He will always hold a special place in my heart. Still, ultimately I decided that it was not fair for him to be brought into the medical hell I was experiencing.

I kept up with appearances as Lana Cane and hosted Trivia Tuesday’s at Petra’s and trivia at Bold Missy Brewery. These were some of the most joyous moments I had to keep me going.

Again though, this disease ultimately won out and prevented me from continuing, so after nearly six years of hosting trivia, I passed the torch to a new generation which I am sure will continue for many years to come. The grand finale for me this year as Lana Cane was the 2018 Bank of America Pride Parade.

I had a joyous time seeing old and new friends out there cheering me on, and it was made even more special by riding with one of my closest friends and trivia cohort – the incomparable Ilean Dover.

Until next time.

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